the breeze is sweeping

Look, the breeze is sweeping, the grass is tiny, and there are light ripples. Jade like a quiet, layer of surface of the lake like a side, surrounded by river embankments. At that time, I was a book reader.

From the desert to Bibo, from dusk to night, from swordsmen to scattered people, stepped on the hills, and traveled through the valleys, traveling the great rivers and mountains, it seems that there is a trace to follow, but also seems to be deserted. The soul of walking still does not belong.

perhaps tourism is the most direct, the simplest and fastest way of soul relief. The novelty of the journey brings fresh life and makes the soul free and easy. I once thought that ancient exploration is the journey now. Only one is to continue without knowing the outcome; the other is to plan and calculate.

And everything will be attributed to the "walking soul".



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The interior structure of Aris fabric sofa

The interior structure of Aris fabric sofa

1. Solid wood structure - due to the shortage of wood resources, hardwood used for furniture structure is more

scarce, and the drying treatment of hardwood requires high technical means, through tenon-mortise connection.

Therefore, the sofa with real solid wood structure is quite expensive, and the variety of solid wood and the

technical means of the factory should be clarified. This type of sofa is rather sparse.e specialise in manufacturing, designing, selling and supplying customized Wall Mount Cabinet solution for all of your business needs.

2. Board-wood structure-using cheap wooden square as beam and vertical support, combined with multi-layer composite

board made of structural skeleton by nailing. The structure has the advantages of low material cost, simple

fabrication, convenient molding and high manufacturing efficiency. It is a widely used process structure at

present. Existing shortcomings: high formaldehyde content of multi-layer composite board, easy to cause pollution

and a large number of exotic odor, tightness is generally easy to deform by damp, short service life and so on. panasonic induction cooker- Here comes a hot summer! Fancy cooling down your “hot kitchen”? Panasonic 2-burners Induction Cooker KY-A227D could get this job done! Wit

When choosing, pay attention to shaking the sofa to check the stability of the structure, open the bottom zipper

and take a deep breath to smell if there is any odor, and sit down again to feel the impulse response.

3. All-steel welded structure-ordinary standard square steel pipe welded under the standard mold, anti-rust

treatment. This technology is difficult to form, long working hours and high technical requirements. Advantages:

good structural stability, high strength, good environmental protection and long service life.The Analysis Reporttool provided by helps to understand your online presence compared with your competitors. Simply provide your URL to get to know your position and develop the best marketing tools.

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Takeaway Superman narrowed IpO issue price

Takeaway Superman narrowed IpO issue price guidelines with a market capitalization of $5 billion.

Mobile Internet Tencent technology 

Tencent Technologies News reported that people familiar with the matter said Delivery Hero, the online takeout giant, is expected to set the IpO price at the upper half of the range of 22.00 euros to 25.50 euros per share.

panasonic dehumidifier - Intelligent dryness monitoring system, Monitor dryness of theclothes Fan mode 3D Air flow Super Alleru-buster filter inactivat

According to a report released by Thomson Reuters on Tuesday, the price guidelines for takeaway Superman IpOs were further narrowed to between 24.50 euros and 25.50 euros per share, but the source of the information was not disclosed.

Earlier on Tuesday, takeout Superman narrowed the IpO price guidelines to between 23.75 euros and 25.50 euros a share, and said the deadline for accepting Chinese English Translation,Translate English to Chinese the new offer was Tuesday.

The company plans to raise 927 million euros ($1.04 billion) through the stock market, with a market value of 4.4 billion euros ($4.99 billion).



The article is transferred from: http://tech.qq.com/a/20170628/026516.htm


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the Pacific States are closely concerned

Selling services to sell "pain point"

On August 31, Xiangzi, a user familiar with the story, said that "bullet SMS is based on the shell chat UI modified by Netease cloud letter SDK Demo".

For a while, the bullet text message plagiarism is very noisy, and some people even questioned the bullet text message is an integration software, using Netease cloud letter SDK to build IM and audio and video, the biggest voice feature is the technical support provided by the Flight, the middle of the information flow directly apply today's headlines.

Subsequently, Netease cloud letter publicly denounced rumors that: "We are specialized in providing IM and audio and video cloud services paaS products, specifically to provide technical support for similar bullet SMS C side, the platformSoftware Defined WAN Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a transformational approach to simplify branch office networking and assure optimal application performance. has hundreds of thousands of enterprises and developers using our services, there is no plagiarism."

Industry insiders also said: "Bullet SMS only used Netease cloud mail server and underlying technology, but not so serious plagiarism."

According to Netease Cloud Letter, Netease Cloud Letter is an IM cloud service product. Opening the IM function server in the form ofAbsolute Neutrophil Count cloud service (SDK) requires only three steps: creating an application in the management center, obtaining AppKey, downloading Netease Cloud Letter SDK free of charge, and completing SDK access with a few lines of code, so that App can access powerful and stable traffic in a short time. Information ability.

Netease cloud letter technology support for the entrepreneurial team, both to save manpower and save money and time investment in the early days.

Is SDK the core technology for IM software? Does bullet SMS make the "red core browser" crime of "shell"?

The Blue Whale correspondent, who consulted a technology researcher, said: "It depends on how it is implemented. Generally speaking, SDK should not be the most important part of IM."


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Analysis of hotel staff turnover

Analysis of hotel staff turnover. A statistic shows that the average turnover rate of hotel and restaurant staff in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other regions is about 30%, and some hotels and restaurants even reach 45%. From the point of view of the whole society, the problem of staff mobility in hotels and restaurants can help to realize the rational allocation of human resources and improve the efficiency of human resources utilization; from the point of view of hotels and restaurants, moderate staff mobility can optimize the staff structure in hotels and restaurants, and make hotels and restaurants full of vitality and vitality. . From this point of view, a reasonable flow of personnel is necessary and reasonable for both society and hotels and restaurants. At present,<a style="color:#333333;text-decoration:none;" href="https://www.univadis.com.hk/oncology-news/373/HER2-breast-cancer-OS-similar-with-weak-ER-PR-expression-TNBC#?">her2 breast cancer</a> the problem is that the turnover rate of hotel and restaurant staff is too high in most parts of China, such as Beijing mentioned above.

Reasons for staff turnover in hotels and restaurants

A rational employee will be cautious about job hopping. The analysis of the causes of employee turnover shows that, in general, a single factor is not enough to prompt employees to take job-hopping action, resulting in employee turnover is often multi-faceted. According to the situation of our country, the main factors that lead to job-hopping of hotel and restaurant staff are as follows:

Seek higher rewards. In the analysis of employee resignation rate by American scholar Amknik and Ali, it is found that the most important influencing factor is relative wage level. In China's Hotel and restaurant industry, the pay gap between hotels and restaurants of different scales, grades and economic types, and between hotels and restaurants and other industries is an objective existence. Some foreign high-end hotel and restaurant staff income levels are generally much higher than domestic hotels and restaurants; high-tech industry wages are much higher than the hotel and restaurant industry.Booking <a style="color:#333333;text-decoration:none;" href="http://www.gdhotel.com.hk/en/hkhotel.html">hotel hk</a> and accomodations have never been easy. Online booking available at hotel, with the best rates guaranteed. Suitable for families and business travelers at all budgets. Make your reservation now! Many employees pay hotels and restaurants to pay their salaries as a yardstick for their own value. As a result, some employees may choose to change jobs after they find a company that can provide higher pay.

Seek better opportunities for development. Remuneration is an important factor in choosing a career, but it is not the only basis for people to make final decisions. Facts also show that some people prefer to give up higher pay temporarily in order to get more opportunities for development. On the contrary, if not well developed, even if they can earn more than their peers in this hotel and restaurant, they will also move to hotels and restaurants or other enterprises that can give him a wider space for development.

Seek a better working environment. Hotel and restaurant staff, especially front-line staff, are heavy workloaded and hard-working, sometimes subject to deliberate and even personal insults from a small number of guests; in some hotels and restaurants,


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conducted the orchestra

Otohime was a generous and charming hostess, and she offered Taro one wonderful dish after another.

  Then, when Taro could eat no more Karson Choi, he was delighted to see many beautiful fish dance into the banquet hall. They swam before the table where Taro sat with the queen, and after they bowed and shyly smiled at the guest, the fish began to dance to a lovely tune.

  Tiny fish swayed, and sunfish tossed their tails. Thousands of gleaming bubbles rose above the dancers. Goldfish danced to a soft waltz, and shafts of light shone on their gleaming gilt scales. It almost looked as if many mirrors were dancing. Then gleaming codfish and trout moved in rhythm to the gay tunes of oysters who clacked their shells open and shut. Off to one side, five small fish danced over the keys of the golden piano. They made a delicate, tinkling tone bubble out. Beside them a sweet rainbow trout stroked the strings of a silver harp. And in the background a group of proud lobsters played their violins while a huge, fat lobster led the musicians. Taro laughed at the lobster leader, for he had thick glasses resting on the end of his nose, and he looked very funny as he conducted the orchestra.

  Finally the feast and the entertainment were over. Otohime then showed Taro the treasures of the palace. She had so many treasures, too! She had more silver and gold and pearls than anyone on earth or under the sea.

  Taro spent many days at the Coral Palace. Every day was a new experience which ended with a splendid feast and an evening of entertainment. For a while Taro even forgot his friends and parents at home above the sea.  

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The chief was delighted

The chief came over to have a look. Genjia the steward pointed gleefully to the rising smoke and said, "Master, you see, there goes his horse. Genjia the carpenter is on his way to heaven."

  The chief was delighted.

  The moment the faggots were lit and the smoke began rising into the sky arctic tank, Genjia the carpenter raised the slab and escaped through the tunnel back to his own bedroom.

  He confined himself to his house for a whole year. His wife went to great lengths to find milk, butter and other nutritious food for him; and as he did no work, by the end of that year he was plumper and fairer-skinned than ever.

  Meanwhile, Genjia the steward tried a thousand and one ways of seducing the carpenter's wife, and she tried a thousand and one ways of avoiding him seo company. He failed completely to attain his goal.

  While Genjia the carpenter was hiding at home, he diligently practiced the calligraphy of the Buddhist scriptures. He prepared a document written in the authentic style and kept it on his person. On the first anniversary of his "ascent to heaven" he went and stood on the very spot where he was supposed to have been burned, the same tool-kit on his shoulder and the same bag in his hand. He called out, "How is everybody? I've just got back from heaven."

  His wife was the first to come out. She pretended to be extremely surprised and hurried over to report the news to the chief.

  The chief was very happy when he heard that Genjia the carpenter was back. He gave him a hero's welcome with bugles and drums, and invited him to stay in his mansion. He wanted to find out how his father was faring in heaven.

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alone and tired in my bed

I was especially sure of it the night I could hear my upstairs neighbor (a very pretty Italian girl with an amazing collection of high-heeled boots) having the longest Hong Kong Cruise Terminal, loudest, flesh-smackingest, bed-thumpingest, back-breakingest session of lovemaking I'd ever heard, in the company of the latest lucky visitor to her apartment. This slam-dance went on for well over an hour, complete with hyperventilating sound effects and wild animal calls. I lay there only one floor below them, and all I could think was, That sounds like an awful lot of work . . .

Of course sometimes I really do become overcome with lust. I walk past an average of about a dozen Italian men a day whom I could easily imagine in my bed. Or in theirs. Or wherever. To my taste, the men in Rome are ridiculously, hurtfully, stupidly beautiful. More beautiful even than Roman women, to be honest. Italian men are beautiful in the same way as French women 24 hours in Hong Kong, which is to say--no detail spared in the quest for perfection. They're like show poodles. Sometimes they look so good I want to applaud. The men here, in their beauty, force me to call upon romance novel rhapsodies in order to describe them. They are "devilishly attractive," or "cruelly handsome," or "surprisingly muscular." However, if I may admit something not entirely flattering to myself, these Romans on the street aren't really giving me any second looks. Or even many first looks, for that matter.

I found this kind of alarming at first. I'd been to Italy once before, back when I was nineteen, and what I remember is being constantly harassed by men on the street. And in the pizzerias. And at the movies. And in the Vatican. It was endless and awful. It used to be a real liability about traveling in Italy, something that could almost even spoil your appetite. Now, at the age of thirty-four, I am apparently invisible. Sure, sometimes a man will speak to me in a friendly way, "You look beautiful today, signorina," but it's not all that common and it never gets aggressive. And while it's certainly nice, of course, to not get pawed by a disgusting stranger on the bus, one does have one's feminine pride, and one must wonder, What has changed here? Is it me eleaf istick? Or is it them?

So I ask around, and everybody agrees that, yes, there's been a true shift in Italy in the last ten to fifteen years. Maybe it's a victory of feminism, or an evolution of culture, or the inevitable modernizing effects of having joined the European Union. Or maybe it's just simple embarrassment on the part of young men about the infamous lewdness of their fathers and grandfathers.  

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No straight answer on encryption

Mariya Gabriel, who is currently the EC’s commissioner-designate for the digital economy and society portfolio, was fielding questions from the European Parliament today, as part of the process to confirm her in the role.

She faced questions across a range of tech-related topics during the 2.5-hour session — including requests from MEPs for a clear position on encryption. Yet no straight answer was forthcoming Cloud Computing.

Encryption has been rising up the political agenda in recent years, with European justice ministers in several member states raising concerns about strong encryption preventing the contents of terrorists’ communications from being accessed by law enforcement. The U.K. government has even gone so far as to say it now wants to limit companies’ use of end-to-end encryption.

Earlier this week the European Parliament’s civil liberties and justice committee put out a proposal aiming to the ePrivacy regulation that aims to safeguard end-to-end encryption from state backdoors.

And Gabriel was a member of the committee for several years during her time in the EU parliament. (The LIBE’s proposals will need the support of the EU Parliament and Council to make it into law, with the EC and its digital commissioner set to play an influential role in those ongoing discussions.)

Asked whether she sees the need to safeguard encryption in order to boost consumers’ trust in digital services, Gabriel began by appearing to support guarantees that strong encryption should not come with the risk of any government backdoors.

“At the moment it’s important to have encryption,” she said. “It’s a guarantee for security without any possible backdoors. We’ve already seen member states initiatives where they’ve used the deciphering of the encryption — and we’ve seen the results of that. So we need to move forward. Trust, confidence and security for citizens will come from a number of measures, but that’s a principle where I propose that we move along the same lines business administration course.”

But asked in a follow-up to commit that there will be “no such legal access provided” to (backdoor) e2e encryption, she rowed back.

“Legal access can only take place within very strict conditions, as we have for other legislative measures. And only where it concerns reasons of national security of the highest rank,” she said. “So I think on that point we need to make sure that we’re consistent with the other pieces of legislation that we have — and at the same time establish a clear principle.

“It’s important because we need to give our own institutions the means to move forward, but we also need to make sure that those very same instruments are not being used by others for purposes other than the positive purposes that we had in mind.”

It’s a position that’s reminiscent of the commission’s approach with the EU-US Privacy Shield — aka the mechanism for authorizing transfers of personal data from the EU to the U.S. that aims to bridge two very different data protection legal regimes. The prior Safe Harbor agreement was struck down after a legal challenge focused on U.S. government agencies’ bulk data collection programs; yet Privacy Shield still allows for bulk collection for national security purposes.

Later in the Q&A session encryption was raised again, with MEP Julia Reda accusing Gabriel of being contradictory in her prior answer — though the commissioner-designate did not take the opportunity to clarify her position.

Gabriel is EC president Jean-Claude Juncker’s nomination, midway through the current commission, to replace prior digital chief Günther Oettinger, who moved on to another area of responsibility in January. Since then EC VP Andrus Ansip has been the caretaker commissioner for the digital economy and society brief dekang.

On encryption, Ansip tweeted in March that “weakening encryption is not an option” — and has spoken out rejecting the idea of mandatory backdoors. However, he also has said that the interest of law enforcement is “not black and white” when it comes to encryption — so also has failed to set out an unambiguous view.

Weakening encryption is not an option, I have not changed my position: https://t.co/XwKv6YcFVf https://t.co/s1d8b6TAp2

— Andrus Ansip (@Ansip_EU) March 10, 2017

Other questions Gabriel faced from MEPs during today’s session included whether the EC will be introducing new legislative initiatives to regulate powerful online platforms, such as Uber and Airbnb. Would she, for example, be seeking to regulate the service or the type of company, she was asked?

On this she said the approach of the EC will generally be to “make an adjustment” when it sees a competition-related problem. But she also confirmed it has plans to tackle what she dubbed “unfair practices” by dominant platforms.  

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How new and exciting

I haven’t had the chance to look at too many men’s faces up close and I noticed how his skin was thicker than mine and a gorgeous shade of toast; the stiff blond hairs on his cheeks and chin seemed to be growing before my eyes. He smelled like starch. Like pine. His nose wasn’t so pointy after all.

The waiter yawned in the corner but we both ignored him and stayed and talked some more. And by the time I was wishing I’d washed my hair this morning instead of just bathed and was practically doubled over with gratefulness that I’d at least brushed my teeth, out of the blue, he kissed me. Right in the middle of the Robert E. Lee Hotel Restaurant, he kissed me so slowly with an open mouth and every single thing in my body—my skin, my collarbone, the hollow backs of my knees, everything inside of me filled up with light wine cellar hong kong.

On a MONDAY AFTERNOON, a few weeks after my date with Stuart, I stop by the library before going to the League meeting. Inside, it smells like grade school—boredom, paste, Lysoled vomit. I’ve come to get more books for Aibileen and check if anything’s ever been written about domestic help.

“Well hey there, Skeeter!”

Jesus. It’s Susie Pernell. In high school, she could’ve been voted most likely to talk too much. “Hey . . . Susie. What are you doing here?”

“I’m working here for the League committee, remember? You really ought to get on it, Skeeter, it’s real fun! You get to read all the latest magazines and file things and even laminate the library cards.” Susie poses by the giant brown machine like she’s on The Price Is Right television show.

“So, what may I help you find today, ma’am? We have murder mysteries, romance novels, how-to makeup books, how-to hair books,” she pauses, jerks out a smile, “rose gardening, home decorating HKUE DSE—”

“I’m just browsing, thanks.” I hurry off. I’ll fend for myself in the stacks. There is no way I can tell her what I’m looking for. I can already hear her whispering at the League meetings, I knew there was something not right about that Skeeter Phelan, hunting for those Negro materials...

I search through card catalogues and scan the shelves, but find nothing about domestic workers. In nonfiction, I spot a single copy of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. I grab it, excited to deliver it to Aibileen, but when I open it, I see the middle section has been ripped out. Inside, someone has written NIGGER BOOK in purple crayon. I am not as disturbed by the words as by the fact that the handwriting looks like a third grader’s. I glance around, push the book in my satchel. It seems better than putting it back on the shelf.

In the Mississippi History room, I search for anything remotely resembling race relations. I find only Civil War books, maps, and old phone books. I stand on tiptoe to see what’s on the high shelf. That’s when I spot a booklet, laid sideways across the top of the Mississippi River Valley Flood Index. A regular-sized person would never have seen it. I slide it down to glance at the cover. The booklet is thin, printed on onionskin paper, curling, bound with staples. “Compilation of Jim Crow Laws of the South,” the cover reads. I open the noisy cover page Air Purifier.  

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